About Us

Paw Prints was formed in January of 2015, thanks to a single resident in Cozad, Nebraska who wanted to make a difference in the animal's lives.  She was soon joined by a group of other animal lovers who wanted to help stop the overpopulation of animals in Dawson County.

It took some phone calls, a lot of planning and some great help from a neighboring community to get the first public meeting scheduled where Paw Prints in Dawson County was formed.  

Since that time we have all worked together to better the lives of the animals because each and every one of them deserve love.  Our main position at this time is to assist low to moderate income families with a low cost spay/neuter assistance program.  Although we do assist in finding homes for animals and take in animals that people aren't able to care for any longer, for a many number of reasons, we still focus mainly on the spay/neuter program we have implemented.

We are  made up of volunteers who receive no monetary value for helping the animals.  We rely solely on fundraising and donations to exist.  We do not have an animal shelter and are not affiliated with one.

Meet Our Group

Rosalie Mayfield, President  

Rosalie has a strong love for animals and was helping as many of the ferel animals in her neighborhood as she could, but wanted to do more.  She is the founder and person behind Paw Prints in Dawson County.  She had a goal of getting an organization going in Dawson County and wasn't going to stop until she had succeeded in her mission.

Deb Leahy, Vice-President

Deb has been a dog and cat lover her entire life. 11 years ago she became a Dog Groomer, such a positive and rewarding job in her life; then she started the Pet Nanny. But she found there are so many that are not taken care of the way they deserve. So Deb knew she needed to do something to help them out! That's when Deb heard about this group starting and she knew she wanted to do all that she could. There were people out there that felt the same as Deb and that is how it all blossomed from there-helping animals, saving animals, finding homes for them, raising money to Spay and Neuter them. "Whatever we can do to Help is my mission...Please Adopt!" quotes Deb.

 Donna Kendrick, Spay/Neuter Coordinator

Donna may try to come off as all hard, but deep down inside she's as soft as a puppies nose.  She has a huge heart for animals of all sizes, whether it's taking in more cats and dogs or bottle feeding cows and sheep. She hates to see an animal in pain and will do just about anything to help them and they know it. You'll never catch Donna in her truck without a bag of dog food either...she just might need it to coax that next stray dog into trusting her. She not only handles all of our spay/neuter applications but is also extremely overloaded with people calling on her to help find this animal or that animal a new home.

 Tami Smith, Secretary/Treasurer

Ever since Tami was a little girl she always had a dog by her side, whether she was awake or asleep.  As a little girl she wanted to be a veterinarian so that she could help all the sick and hurt animals, unfortunately having too soft of a heart steered her into another direction.  Dog grooming became her passion and she loved and remembered every dog she did, she may not have remembered their owner's names but she never forgot a dog's name. She is now a stay-at-home mother of her 2 children and is glad to be a part of Paw Prints in Dawson County.

 Becky Aboushady, Board Member

Local resident and business owner........

 Sylvia Reeves, Board Member

Local Resident and "Safe Keeper of the Key" (mail key that is)...

 Gloria Franzen, Grant Writer/Member

Gloria and all of her wisdom is going to help in writing grants for us so that we can receive additional funds in order to assist in even more spay/neuters......

 Velma Craig, Volunteer

Velma helps out with anything that she can whenever she can.....

 Connie McNulty, Volunteer

Connie is an avid animal lover and just a sweet little lady to have on our team....

 Jeff McNinch, Volunteer

Jeff started helping us by coming to the first meeting and was roped into being the Vice-President for our first year...heck no one else wanted the position and he did a fine job of it.  He has a strong voice about how he cares for the animals and wants to see the group succeed in every way possible.  He believes in the community helping the community and it was because of his idea that the "Fur-Ever Family" was developed.  You see Jeff used to make a monthly donation to a humane society, but he said he'd rather his money go to our group than to another city...and so began the "Fur-Ever Family!"




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